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Steel hull Magic
€ 120.000,-

Steel hull Magic

€ 120.000,-
23.7 Lengte (m)
Particuliere plaatsing via Speurders
Torsten Rust

+49 177 863 5... Toon Vermeld Botentekoop.nl wanneer je contact opneemt met de verkoper.

Aangeboden door:

Torsten Rust

+49 177 863 5... Toon Vermeld Botentekoop.nl wanneer je contact opneemt met de verkoper.

Torsten Rust

+49 177 863 5... Toon Vermeld Botentekoop.nl wanneer je contact opneemt met de verkoper.

Eindelijk de gedroomde boot gevonden maar nog niet direct het geld beschikbaar? Een lening afsluiten doe je niet zomaar. Denk goed na over de financiële gevolgen zodat je vooraf zeker weet dat er achteraf geen tegenvallers zijn. Lees verder.

Het vaarverkeer in de Nederlandse wateren neemt steeds meer toe. Door de drukte op het water is de kans op schade ook steeds groter. Zorg voor een passende bootverzekering die vaargebied en -gedrag dekt. Lees verder.

Omschrijving Steel hull Magic

MAGIC is a modified replica of a classic schooner. The original MAGIC defended the "Hundred-Guinea-Cup" won by AMERICA in England, from which the America's Cup was created. The hull was redesigned by Carl Feltz based on a historical template, so that it meets modern requirements and was manufactured to a high quality by the Feltz shipyard. Space for propulsion was implemented and the hull length was slightly reduced. The schooner can therefore be registered as a "pleasure craft under 24m".

Not only the steel construction, but also the insulation, painting and the teak deck were carried out in the best quality by established boat building companies. After the drive was installed (Appendix 2), the boat was transferred to Braunschweig on its own keel, where it was stored protected in a professional housing.

Due to its shallow draft of approx. 1.7m this steel hull is perfect for use in the Bodden waters, for the Wadden Sea or any other area where a shallow draft is desirable.

The hydraulically operated centerboard is solely used to prevent excessive drift. The loss of stability is minimal when the centerboard is not down.

A tiller is installed ready for operation, the conversion to a steering wheel is possible without any problems.

The built-in and already operated main machine is also of the best quality. A quiet Deutz inline six-cylinder DT67, marinated by Vetus, with a mounted additional strong 24VDC alternator. The engine power is transferred to the propeller via a homokinetic cardan shaft and a thrust bearing.

A bow thruster is already installed. To increase operational safety, the pressure is generated by a powerful water pump outside the jet pipe. The water pressure is then directed in the pipe according to the control commands. The pump is driven by a hydraulic pump connected to the main machine (PTO, control block with valve components). The hydraulic oil tank with additional oil-air cooler is located directly in front of the engine compartment bulkhead. The hydraulic installation is permanently piped using expansion joints and meets the standards of commercial shipping.

Part of the electrical distribution as well as the inverter and charger are installed. Generator and hydraulic winches are included.

The parts are of the highest quality and offer a solid basis to complete the boat according to your own wishes.

A total of approximately 429,000 EUR have been spent, of which approximately 384,000 EUR can be confirmed by invoices and quotations.

For the completion and equipment with rig and sails there are offers from companies that stand for boat building and rigging at the highest level. Their offers total around 728,600 EUR. This sum is only to be understood as the maximum guideline for an absolutely high-class execution without any own work share. With a lot of initiative, when using non-tropical woods, used parts and a seaworthy, safe basic equipment, the boat can be put in a ready-to-sail condition in the range of approx. 150,000 EUR to 200,000 EUR very quickly.

The parts are sold under exclusion of any liability for material defects. Liability for compensation for injuries to health, limb or life and grossly negligent and / or deliberate violations of duties as seller remains unaffected. The object of sale is not a complete product, but a collection of individual components, the function of which is not guaranteed.

For details, please refer to the list (German language) below. The amounts in euros are rounded.

A separate short photo documentation is available on demand. 

For more pics please ask for a cloud link.

Steel hull Magic uit 1997 te koop op Botentekoop.nl.

Steel hull Magic

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Merk: Steel Hull
Type: Magic
Lengte (m): 23.70
Breedte (m): 5.72
Diepgang (m): 1.70
Conditie: Gebruikt
Bouwjaar: 1997


Rompmateriaal: Staal
Kielsoort: Midzwaard
Doorvaarthoogte (m): 0.01
Ligplaats Land: Braunschweig / Ger


Merk: Vetus Deutz
Type: Dt67
Aandrijving: Vaste Schroef
Brandstof: Diesel
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Particuliere plaatsing via Speurders Torsten Rust

+49 177 863 5... Toon Vermeld Botentekoop.nl wanneer je contact opneemt met de verkoper.
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Steel hull Magic
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