Botin 65 - Lifting Keel
€ 1.850.000,-

Botin 65 - Lifting Keel

€ 1.850.000,-
20 Lengte (m)
Bach Yachting

Bach Yachting

Zuidersluisweg 41
8243 RC Lelystad

032074... Toon Vermeld wanneer je contact opneemt met de verkoper.

Bach Yachting

Zuidersluisweg 41
8243 RC Lelystad

032074... Toon Vermeld wanneer je contact opneemt met de verkoper.

Bach Yachting

Zuidersluisweg 41
8243 RC Lelystad

032074... Toon Vermeld wanneer je contact opneemt met de verkoper.

Eindelijk de gedroomde boot gevonden maar nog niet direct het geld beschikbaar? Een lening afsluiten doe je niet zomaar. Denk goed na over de financiële gevolgen zodat je vooraf zeker weet dat er achteraf geen tegenvallers zijn. Lees verder.

Het vaarverkeer in de Nederlandse wateren neemt steeds meer toe. Door de drukte op het water is de kans op schade ook steeds groter. Zorg voor een passende bootverzekering die vaargebied en -gedrag dekt. Lees verder.


Omschrijving Botin 65 - Lifting Keel

Botin 65 - King Marine built carbon 65ft racer, like new

Sailing yacht High Spirit is a BOTIN 65 built by Spanish shipyard King Marine and launched end 2015. She was based on the design of sailing yacht Caro. There were no costs spared in building this magnificent racer. Only the best yachting suppliers were involved in this project. From design and yard to B&G Electronics, VMG, Cariboni Carbon, Aramare Ropes, Southern Spars and so on. She is a truly unique symbiosis of 100% racing yacht with a functional, yet stylishly designed interior that can confidently claim to be a new standard in the world of race-cruisers in the range of 60-70 feet . She represents a unique opportunity for the most sophisticated and discerning yachtsmen to purchase a brand new, stylish and fastest sailing yacht in the world without waiting for a delivery period of 18 months. During winter 2015 the yacht was prepared for races, including the mast configuration and rigging setup, optimization of sail control process, making new sails charts, etc. The yacht is now perfect in operation of sails and has stable heading for any wind. Very easily she goes to hydroplaning after 10 knots. On reaching at 25-27 knots boat picks up speed of 20-22 knots. She is based in Valencia and ready for inspection at any time. Appointments can by made through central agent Bach Yachting International.


Carbon built lifting keel racer built by King Marine

  • NavalArchitecture: Botin & Partners, Spain
  • Shipyard: King Marine, Spain
  • Interior Design: Stas Trasevskii, Russia


The hull of the yacht is made of composite materials. Carbon fiber used in the primary shell of the hull, with the Nomex core. The deck is made also with the Nomex core. The yacht was built with materials - prepreg and vacuum-encapsulated laminate. Carbon is used in main structural components, such as plate chains and other areas with high loads.


  • Hull deck material: Epoxy prepreg carbon fibre with NOMEX core. Female mold.
  • Hull superstructure: Epoxy prepreg carbon fibre with NOMEX core.
  • Dark grey hull
  • Deck material: Teak


Lifting keel max draft 4.80 m - min. draft: 3.00 m

  • 12 berths
  • Dry locker (port and starboard)
  • Air Heating system WEBASTO with pipes (port and starboard) x 2
  • Hidden LED Light RED/WHITE
  • Individual USB sockets, fans, reading lights on each berth
  • Navigation table with carbon seat
  • Flexi teak floors
  • 2 sofas along side with upholstery


  • 2 burner stove cardanic
  • Watermaker SCHENKER Smart 60 Digital 60l/h
  • Water Heating system
  • Freezer/refrigerator WAECO x 2

Motor, electra, water
  • Engine: Volvo Penta 110 hp
  • Generator: Volvo Penta 40 hp


Batteries: Mastervolt 750 Amp/h


  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 110l
  • Add. delivery tanks: 2 x 100 l
  • Daily tank: 80l
  • Fresh water capacity: 2 x 120l

  • Southern Spars mast and boom
  • Mast – High Modulus Mast Tube “TPT” with Deflectors. Adjustable Rake
  • Boom – Hybrid truss wing boom
  • Bowsprit carbon


  • Custom made by «Cariboni»
  • Dual System of hydraulic drive – generator and batteries.
  • Furler -Jib 1 Hydraulic
  • Forestay 1 Hydraulic
  • Jib Cunningham 1 Hydraulic
  • J 4 inner forestay 1 Hydraulic
  • Jib in/out 2 Hydraulic
  • Jib up/down 2 Hydraulic
  • Vang 1 Hydraulic
  • Main Traveller control 1 Hydraulic, under deck
  • Main Cunningham 1 Hydraulic
  • Main Outhaul 1 Hydraulic
  • Winches Primary 2 Harken 990.3 AD BS HY AAC (Hydraulic)
  • Winches Pit 2 Harken 990.3 FD HY AAC (Hydraulic)
  • Winch Mainsheet 1 Harken 990.3 AD BS HY AAC (Hydraulic)
  • Deflectors 1 Hydraulic
  • Lifting Keel 1 Hydraulic


North Sails

  • Square Top Offshore Mainsail 3Di 780 (Dyneema/Carbon) 26,000 Dpi
  • Square Top Mainsail 3Di 870 (Carbon/Dyneema) 26,000 Dpi
  • Square Top DeliveryMainsail Dyneema SRP SRP105
  • Storm Trysail Dyneema SRP SRP95
  • Jib Light/Medium 3Di 870 (Carbon/Dyneema) 23,800 Dpi
  • JibMedium/Heavy 3Di 870 (Carbon/Dyneema) 26,000 Dpi
  • Jib 3 3Di 870 (Carbon/Dyneema) 26,000 Dpi
  • Furling J-4 w/ Battens 3Di 780 (Dyneema/Carbon) 26,000 Dpi
  • Storm Jib Dyneema SRP SRP95
  • Furling Jib Dyneema SRP SRP105
  • A1.5Asymmetric SuperLite/Kote SK 80 CTDR
  • A2 Asymmetric SuperLite/Kote SK 80 CTDR
  • A3 Asymmetric Aramid Laminate T1 CZ 90 DP
  • A0 Asymmetric Cuben Downwind CN13FC5
  • A5 Asymmetric Aramid Laminate T1 CZ 90 GP DP
  • Spinnaker StaysailAramid Laminate T1 CZ 60 DP

Navigatie en electronica
  • B&G H5000 Hercules processor
  • B&G H5000 3D Motion Sensor
  • B&G H5000 Analogue ExpansionModule
  • B&G H5000 Serial ExpansionModule
  • FLEX6-D2L-00G-0TR GPS L1/L2 plus, GLONASS L1/L2
  • GPS-702-GG L1/L2, GPS + GLONASS, kinematic, zero-offset antenna
  • GPS, 01018649 FlexPak6 breakout cable;
  • B&G H5000 Graphic display
  • Display / B&G H5000 Race display x 2
  • Display / 30/30HV DISPLAY PACK, TRITON/H50000 x 5
  • 10/10HV display pack for H5000
  • GPS-HEADING / Airmar GH2183 GPS and Heading Sensor
  • NMEA0183 15M CABLE NC
  • Furuno Integrated heading sensor
  • HEADING, HEEL, TRIM / B&G Halcyon Gyro Stabilised Compass
  • HGSC Cable
  • CS4500 Housing P17 Junction bon & Power Cable
  • SPEED / H3000 Speed Sensor Plastic Flush
  • DEPTH / DT800, Plastic , 2m cabl., NO SPD Connection
  • LOAD CELL / Load Cell Amplifier
  • LOAD CELL / Custom Load Cell Pin
  • RUDDER / Cable Transducer SP2-25
  • WIND / B&G VMHU 1450mm Ocean
  • wind spare / B&G 213 MHU Pack
  • Chart Plotter / B&G Zeus²
  • Barometric / h5000 Barometric pressure sensor
  • Professional GradeWaterproof Ultrabright LED ComputerMonitor x 2 (steering pedestal)
  • Alarm / H5000, Audible AlarmModule
  • Radar / Broadband 4G Radar
  • AIS / B&G Nais 400 System Class B-AIS w/GPS Ant
  • Actisense NMEAMUX
  • VHF Radio / V50 VHF Marine Radio, with AIS and DSC. NMEA2000
  • Handset / B&G H50 VHFWireless Handset
  • Antenna / VHF Heliflex Antenna
  • AIS Squatty Body®
  • Splitter / B&G NSPL-400 VhfAntenna Splitter Satellite
  • Satellite KVH TracPhone V3 IP
  • Satellite KVH FBB 150
  • Phone / Iridium Extreme Phone x 2
  • Switch / Shakespeare antenna manual switch
  • Rudder / RF25N Rudder Feedback Unit
  • Processor / B&G H5000 Autopilot computer
  • Controller / B&G H5000 Autopilot controller
  • Raymarine Tipe 2- 24V Long
  • WIFI / B&G GoFree Wireless Module
  • PC / IPC2 i7 Barebone x 2 (1xNavigation, 1xMedia)
  • PC monitor 23”
  • 4G,WIFI, ETHERNET / 4GWireless Router
  • ETHERNET SWITCH / Industrial Ethernet Switch
  • USB HUB / 7 ports Usb Hub
  • Access Point / High Power Access Point
  • Cmap / Cmap charts
  • Navionics / Navionics platinum plus MegawideMaditerranean area
  • Nav Software / Expedition
  • Nav Software /Maxea Time Zero + Modules
  • Radio / Simrad Sonic Hub
  • dock / UNI-Dock para SonicHub® de Simrad
  • 2MP top mast fixed IP Camera
  • 5MP H,264 mini fixed rugged IP Camera x 3 (2 on spreaders, 1 on Radar)
  • 5MP H.264 IR ultra bullet IP camera (stern)


Deck and cockpit
Teak decks and teak in cockpit and side decks

  • Deck hardware HARKEN
  • 2 carbon steering wheels
  • 2 carbon steering wheels


  • CONTAINER 40” with Shelves, Lockers, work places and large set of tools
  • Cradle to store the boat on shore

  • Full set of survival equipment according ISAF Offshore Special Regulations, inc. life raft VIKING x 3 (6 people each)
  • Emergency Tiller
  • Spare Rudder

Botin 65 - Lifting Keel uit 2015 te koop op

Botin 65 - Lifting Keel

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Meer informatie:


Merk: Botin
Type: 65 - Lifting Keel
Lengte (m): 20.00
Breedte (m): 5.20
Diepgang (m): 4.80
Conditie: Gebruikt
Bouwjaar: 2015
Valuta: Eur
BTW: Not Paid


Rompmateriaal: Composiet
Besturing: Stuurwiel
Ligplaats: In Verkoophaven
Ligplaats Land: ES
Werf gebouwd:


Merk: Volvo Penta
Bouwjaar motor: 2015
Vermogen in PK: 110
Brandstof: Diesel
Inhoud brandstoftank (liters): 280

Navigatie & Elektronica



Aantal hutten: 4




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Botin 65 - Lifting Keel
Bach Yachting

Bach Yachting

Zuidersluisweg 41
8243 RC Lelystad

032074... Toon Vermeld wanneer je contact opneemt met de verkoper.
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